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MythBusters Special 16: Location, Location, Location

Premier Date: November 9, 2011

This episode featured a countdown of the cast’s favorite locations for testing myths.

12. Home Sweet Home

M5 Industries, the MythBusters’ home base, was examined. Details were given on the origins of the M5 name, the opening and closing of M6 (the shop initially used by the Build Team in 2004, roughly corresponding to the period between the formation of the Build Team and Scottie Chapman’s departure), as well as M7 (the Build Team’s home since 2005, roughly corresponding to Grant joining the Build Team).

11. Don’t “Quarry” About It!

Myths: Cement Mix-Up, Knock Your Socks Off

The quarries used by the MythBusters were examined. Adam and Jamie detailed the last-minute addition of the concrete truck explosion. The Build Team also discussed the damage control after the pressure wave from a quarry explosion had caused collateral damage in nearby Esparto, California, and why they have not been at that quarry since.

10. African Adventure

Myth: Elephants Scared of Mice

The myths tested in South Africa were featured. Though initially they were filming for Supersize Shark, due to inclement conditions they decided to film an impromptu myth to better make use of their time there.

9. Runaway Runway

Myth: Tree Cannon

The runway at Alameda was featured. The location is frequented so much that Grant recalled that some fans mistakenly believed that M5 was based in Alameda. Jamie also noted that the hand-carved cannonball that was shot out of the tree cannon was never found, even after 7 years.

8. Zombie Town

Myth: Elevator of Death

Abandoned areas were featured in this segment, with a special focus on the abandoned residential neighborhood nicknamed by the crew as “Zombie Town”.

7. Cool for School

University and government research facilities used by the MythBusters were detailed, with a specific emphasis on the rocket sled testing facilities in New Mexico Tech. Jamie also talked about the people who run these facilities and the insight they provide to the myths being tested.

6. Thunderdome

The local power-generating stations used in myths that require high-voltage electricity, nicknamed the “Thunderdome” by Adam, was featured.

5. Just Hanging Out!

Myth: Seven Folds

The hangars at Moffat Field were featured. The Build Team also commented on owl dung that had to be removed from the paper between testing days as the paper was being laid out.

4. Presidential Perks

Myth: President’s Challenge

The MythBusters’ three visits to the White House were featured, highlighting Jamie’s speechlessness at Barack Obama’s introduction speech congratulating the role of MythBusters in children’s science education. The 500 students chosen in that test were all from the high school where Jamie’s wife has been a longtime science teacher.

3. It’s Snow Joke

Myth: Spinning Ice Bullets

Myths tested in wintry conditions were remembered. The Build Team talked about having to brave the weather in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

2. Deserted Desert

Myths: JATO Rocket, Confederate Rocket

The Mojave Desert was featured. Kari, then an intern at M5, discussed her role in the pilot episode, having driven through the night to catch up to Adam and Jamie. Adam and Jamie discussed having an M5 truck stuck in the mud on two separate occasions during “Confederate Rocket”. Jamie also noted that portions of the desert are cleared for types of testing that the MythBusters have yet to fully make use of.

1. Home Away From Home

Myth: Sawdust Cannon

The bomb range is explored. Jamie talked about how some of the myths involving explosives would otherwise be illegal if the bomb range was not available. The Build Team detailed their experience with the non-dairy creamer cannon and how much more dangerous it was than they originally anticipated. The episode ends with a montage of explosions from various myths tested on the range.