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MythBusters Special 17: Wet & Wild

Premier Date: November 16, 2011

This episode featured a countdown of the cast’s favorite myths involving water.

12. Wettest & Wildest

Myth: Waterslide Wipeout

This segment featured details on building the massive, steep launch ramp for this myth, and Adam’s experience sliding down it.

11. Water Bomb

Myths: Water Safe, Black Powder Shark

This segment featured two of the cast’s favorite myths involving submerged explosives.

10. Out in the Cold

Myth: Swimming in Syrup

This segment revealed the challenges of staying warm during the swimming time trials, filmed during winter in San Francisco.

9. Dive! Dive! Dive!

Myth: The Squeeze

Revealed the Build Team’s unsavory experience with the pork dummy Tory built to help test this myth.

8. MythBusters on Ice

Myth: Blue Ice

The Build Team reflected on their visit to a NASA low-temperature wind tunnel.

7. Under Pressure

Myths: Exploding Water Heater, Steam Powered Machine Gun

This segment discussed dealing with the energy and hazards of steam in myth testing.

6. Pool Cruelty

Myth: Bulletproof Water

Revealed the mayhem caused by firing high-powered weapons into a swimming pool.

5. Water Torture

Myth: Chinese Water Torture

Highlighted the unpleasant experiences of Adam and Kari during this round of testing (Adam urinating on himself, Kari enduring the torture until a paramedic stopped the test and removed her).

4. The Life Aquatic

Myth: Octopus Egg Pregnancy

Adam discovered that the texture of his skin was unusually pleasant to octopuses.

3. Boatmageddon

Myth: Bifurcated Boat

The Build Team faced repeated difficulties in setting up and performing their tests on land.

2. Hidden Depths

Myths: Eye Gouge, Fish Flap, Fatal Flashlight

Memorable shark myths, as chosen by each cast members.

1. Rock the Boat

Myth: Building a Pykrete Boat

The inspiration for building a speedboat out of newspaper-based “Super Pykrete” stemmed from the cast’s second trip to Alaska.