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MythBusters Episode 90: Supersized Myths

Premier Date: November 14, 2007

Sharks can hunt by feeling low frequency sound waves transmitted through water.


The MythBusters traveled to the shark infested waters of South Africa and placed underwater speakers in the water. After transmitting sounds at various frequencies ranging from forty to a hundred megahertz and even resorting to high frequency sound, the MythBusters failed to attract any sharks.

The presence of dolphins can deter sharks from attacking their prey.


This myth was born from the stories of dolphins protecting shipwrecked sailors from sharks. The MythBusters built an animatronic replica of a dolphin and took it to the shark infested waters of South Africa. They tested the waters by throwing in a seal-shaped lure only to have it attacked by a great white shark just barely five seconds after it hit the water. They then placed the fake dolphin in the water with the lure. The sharks approached the lure, but when they saw the dolphin, opted not to attack. The MythBusters replaced the lure with actual bait, but the results were the same, and the sharks appeared reluctant to attack. However, once they removed the dolphin, the sharks immediately began attacking the lures and bait again. With these results and with plenty of anecdotal evidence, the MythBusters decided that the myth was plausible.

The jet wash from the engines of a full size Boeing 747 can flip a taxi. (Revisited from Episode 13.)


The Build Team obtained a taxi and towed it across the rear of the 747 as it was powering up for takeoff. The moment the taxi crossed the engine exhaust, it was lifted into the air and flipped several times, completely demolishing the vehicle.

The jet wash from the engines of a full size Boeing 747 can flip a school bus.


Like the taxi, the build team towed the school bus across the path of the 747 engine exhaust. Also like the taxi, the school bus was lifted off from the ground, rolled several times, and was completely demolished.

The jet wash from the engines of a full size Boeing 747 can flip a small plane.


Like the taxi and school bus before it, the airplane was thrown into the air and suffered significant damage when it crossed the path of the 747 engine exhaust.

A Chevy Impala with rockets can move fast enough to achieve flight. (Revisited from Pilot 1)

appropriately supersized

The MythBusters started with small scale tests, and determined that their old JATO configuration was not suitable for the myth, because the top mounted rockets caused the car to veer off course. Instead, they opted to mount the rocket tubes inside the trunk of the car to achieve a more stable trajectory. They then obtained a Chevy Impala and made the necessary modifications to accommodate the rockets. To ensure that the car would get into the air, the MythBusters set up a makeshift ramp. However, when they started the actual test, the rockets exploded, completely destroying the car before it could even leave the ramp. Because none of the central questions of the myth were answered, the MythBusters had trouble deciding what to call the myth. In the end, they agreed that the the myth was “appropriately supersized.”

(This myth was tested a third time in JATO Rocket Car: Mission Accomplished.)

A person can water ski behind a full size cruise ship.


The Build Team first started by having Tory practice wakeboarding and swapping tow lines between two different boats. Then they tested the myth on a full size cruise ship, the Regal Empress. His first try failed, but Tory was eventually able to transfer to the tow line attached to the cruise ship and ski behind it, proving that the myth is possible.