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MythBusters Episode 13: Buried in Concrete, Daddy Long-legs, Jet Taxi

Premier Date: February 15, 2004

Jimmy Hoffa was buried in Giants Stadium.


Adam and Jamie tested several areas on the field held by rumor to be Hoffa’s final resting place. No readings were found consistent with a cavity left by a body which had rotted away.

A Daddy longlegs spider has the most potent venom of all spiders, but is unable to pierce human skin.


A Daddy longlegs was able to bite through the skin of Adam’s arm. He reported nothing more than a very mild, short-lived burning sensation. Analysis of the venom proves it does not approach the potency of the Black widow spider.

Jet wash from an airliner can overturn a taxi if the vehicle passes behind the jet as it goes to full throttle.


Adam and Jamie tried overturning a used taxi they had purchased, but were unable to get the car to turn over; they couldn’t bust the myth because they were unable to acquire proper jet engines for insurance reasons, and had to settle for smaller ones. However, they were able to confirm that a taxi in Brazil was blown off the road by an airliner which was taking off. But that a car will pass behind a jet is very improbable.

* Initially, this myth could only be declared plausible because the MythBusters had trouble obtaining clearance to use a proper airliner. In Supersized Myths, it was retested with a Boeing 747 and it was confirmed.