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MythBusters Special 4: MythBusters Outtakes

Premier Date: March 16, 2005

In this episode outtakes and other deleted scenes were shown. Original myths that were completely edited out include:

It is possible to get free energy by using a coil of baling wire positioned under a power line.

partly plausible

For this myth the MythBusters created a large coil of wire, and wrapped it around a PVC pipe box. They then hoisted it underneath powerlines in order to “catch” some electricity. They were able to obtain about eight millivolts of electricity. They determined that siphoning a practically useful amount of electricity in such a manner would require thousands of pounds of wire, and would be extremely impractical and dangerous, as well as being illegal.

Cola can be used as a toilet cleaner.


For this myth, Adam dirtied M5’s bathroom with engine oil in preparation for the cleanup. Jamie was greatly upset at this, but Adam assured him he’d be able to clean it. Adam tried to clean with cola, which only made the problem worse. Adam eventually cleaned using a regular all-purpose cleanser which worked well.

A radio transmitter can cause tattoos to explode.


The MythBusters built a small, low power transmitter, as a real one was too dangerous. They used two containers, one with water (control) and one with tattoo ink. They activated the transmitter, which managed to interfere with a radio in the workshop, and left it running. At the end of the test, the temperature of both liquids were almost the same. The tattoo ink was only half a degree warmer.

A train can be derailed if coins are placed on the rails.


The train simply heated and flattened the pennies. Quoting narrator Rob Lee, “The myth wasn’t Busted – it was Flattened.”