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MythBusters Pilot 2: Vacuum Toilet, Biscuit Bazooka, Leaping Lawyer

Premier Date: January 23, 2003

An obese person can get stuck on an airline vacuum toilet.


It is impossible to get a perfect seal on a modern airplane toilet, and even if it is possible a properly working toilet provides suction for only a few seconds. Even then, the suction (3 psi) is not beyond human ability to overcome.

A woman was struck in the head with an exploding tin of biscuit (scone) dough, believing that she was in fact struck by a bullet.


The dough can blow out of many types of biscuit cans at a car’s internal temperature of 150 °F (60 °) with enough force to potentially strike the driver of the car in the back of the head. However, no one can actually verify the incident actually occurred.

A lawyer accidentally killed himself by running through the plate-glass window of the 24th floor of his office building.


At a run speed of 4.7 mph (7.52 km/h), a 160 lb (64 kg) subject was able to smash through a pressurized plate glass window. The incident was confirmed by a journalist to have actually occurred in Toronto.