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MythBusters Episode 237: MythBusters Revealed

Premier Date: January 2, 2016

In this episode, Adam and Jamie gave a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming final season of MythBusters.

Several steps in the creation of the show were shown, including brainstorming, safety precautions, filming with drones, and locating difficult-to-find things.

Also, several clips from future episodes were also shown as teasers:

Myth/Episode Description
Rocketman Can unconventional fuels such as candy or poop be used to power a rocket?
Tanker Car Crush Can a railroad tank car be imploded by filling it with steam and cooling it quickly?
Reddit Special This episode will feature myths suggested by Reddit users, including: can flatulence be seen on a thermal imaging camera?
Landmine Lunacy Can a person traverse a minefield safely in a hovercraft?
Car Lift Can a household vacuum lift a car off the ground?
Duct Tape: The Return Can duct tape be used to make a trebuchet? A seat belt?
Pancake Car Can a car be completely flattened by a large explosion?
Simultaneous Explosions Can someone survive to simultaneous explosions by standing right in the middle of them?
Zombie Revisit A revisit of the axe vs. gun zombie myth from the Zombie Special.
Drifting on Dirt Is the best way to drive on a dirt road by drifting?
Queue Theory What is the most efficient way for shoppers to line up for multiple checkout lines?
Explosion Special Can wet cement smother an explosion?
Grand Finale Details were kept secret, but it will feature the largest explosion ever on MythBusters and a giant “Truck Wedge”.
Reunion Episode A final look back at the show’s history, with appearances by Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara