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MythBusters Episode 76: Voice Flame Extinguisher

Premier Date: April 11, 2007

Sound waves can put out a flame.


A normal human voice cannot put out flames. An amplified voice, however, can put out a candle at low frequency while tone generators can extinguish propane flames. This can be done because the sound waves disrupt the air enough to snuff out the flame. Also, using a high explosive bomb can put out flames since the blast wave pushes away the oxygen that fuels the fire. Using explosives is a common method firefighters use to put out oil fires.

Using hypnosis can make one act against their will.


While hypnotized, Grant was told to do certain uncharacteristic actions through hypnotic suggestion, and he would perform these actions after a specific trigger. However, the triggers did not work, so the test was performed again on a producer who believed in hypnosis. However, this test also failed. In addition, many experts and hypnotists agree that hypnotic suggestion will never work if the suggestion conflicts with the subject’s moral fiber.

Using hypnosis can make one remember things more clearly.


The Build Team was given a short play and were later quizzed about minor events, in which they failed miserably. Taking the same tests under hypnosis, they remembered tiny facts such as name tags and tattoos and passed with flying colors. As a side note, “earthlings” who were “abducted” by “aliens” claim they don’t remember a thing unless under hypnosis.