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MythBusters Episode 68: Anti-Gravity Device

Premier Date: December 6, 2006

Anti-gravity is possible.

busted (for now)

After testing various contraptions that were allegedly able to defy gravity, the MythBusters found that none of them could actually achieve “anti-gravity” the contraptions (that did levitate) generated an upward force that balanced its downward gravitation. The myth was declared busted (for now), because although they could bust the contraptions as anti-gravity machines, the idea of anti-gravity itself could not be busted through their tests.

The heat generated by Christmas lights can ignite a Christmas tree.


After rigging a tinder-dry Christmas tree with hundreds of Christmas lights (using more power than an entire house normally would) and waiting for at least 40 minutes, the MythBusters were unable to get the tree to ignite by itself. Instead, they used an artificially created spark (simulating a short circuit) to set the tree on fire. Though the myth was busted, Adam and Jamie noted how quickly the tree caught on fire once it was ignited, warning viewers to be careful around their Christmas trees. Also, Adam and Jamie proved that you can overload a single extension cord with too many lights and making it short, which they theorize is the primary reason for Christmas tree fires.

Vodka can relieve the pain of a jellyfish sting.


After receiving a sting from a jellyfish and then treating the wound with vodka, Kari noticed that most of the pain from the sting had disappeared. Vodka-based treatment seem to have worked about as well as the traditional warm water-based solution.