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MythBusters Episode 62: Killer Cable Snaps

Premier Date: October 11, 2006

If a cable snaps, it can cut a person in two.


A 5/8″ cable at 30,000 lbs of tension was unable to cut a pig in two (or even cut into it), but did cause potentially lethal injuries. The MythBusters took the test even further by adding a smaller cable at the end of larger one to create a “whip” effect, and even pre-looped a cable around the pig itself. None of these methods could cut the pig by the pre-tensed cable’s inertia alone. The pig was cut in half only when Adam tied a cable around it and then tightened the cable. Also, after making inquiries with almost every safety organization imaginable, the MythBusters were unable to find any concrete evidence of a person being cut in half by a snapped cable.

Sounds can be recovered from old pottery.


The MythBusters were unable to recover any recognizable sound from the pot using a record player with a glass needle (to prevent scratching the clay). Even with professional audio enhancement and the most advanced sound systems available, they were unable to recover any discernible sounds from the straw-made grooves on the pots.