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MythBusters Episode 41: Compact Compact, Vodka Myths

Premier Date: November 2, 2005

Two semi trucks that collided head-on welded together due to the accident. After being towed as a whole to the junkyard, workers were shocked to discover that the semis trapped a European compact car and its doomed driver between each other.


After obtaining two free semi trucks, their trailers, and a European sports car (a Fiat X1/9) from a fan, the MythBusters rigged up the two semis to crash. After several mishaps and numerous technical problems, they manage to crash both semis and car, but one semi made it to the car earlier than the other semi, sending the car ricocheting to the side. The crash never “fused” together, instead resulting in a horrific mess of glass, metal, and fiberglass.

(This myth was revisited in Demolition Derby Special.)

Vodka can clean the odor off feet.


Comparison of a commercial foot powder wash vs. a Vodka wash showed that the odor was eliminated on both feet.

Vodka can kill bad breath.


After a mixture of 1 cup Vodka and 9 tbsp of cinnamon powder was left to sit for two weeks in a sealed flask and then strained. It managed to eliminate most odors on par with an over-the-counter mouthwash. The only bad breath smell not eliminated was from smoking cigarettes.