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MythBusters Episode 36: Killer Tissue Box

Premier Date: August 5, 2005

A simple tissue box stored on the backboard of a car can move with sufficient force to kill a person during a crash.


Sharp objects or objects with masses over 3 lb. (1.2 kg), like a bowling ball, can be deadly if they fly forward during a crash. Lighter objects like tissue boxes may cause injury but cannot kill.

A tissue box can stay intact during a crash.


This was revealed when they crashed the real car and Adam pointed out that the box was intact.

It is possible to split an arrow perfectly down the middle with a second arrow like in the film The Adventures of Robin Hood.

partly busted

While it is certainly possible to rear-end an arrow with another, only a fiberglass arrow can be split down the middle (known as telescoping in archery circles). With a wooden arrow, even under the most ideal conditions, the best one can do is a partial split along the grain of the wood, and even that is improbable. They clearly showed that the film’s circumstances can be recreated using a hollow shaft, such as bamboo.

(This myth was revisited in episode 51 and it was re-busted.)