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MythBusters Episode 32: Jet Pack

Premier Date: June 9, 2005

A Jet pack can be built from plans purchased off the internet and limited funds.


The jetpack produced by the MythBusters was not powerful enough to even lift itself off the ground, and they had to cheat by going beyond their assigned budget, in order to create it. The sum of its parts cost too much to allow the average person to build it on a budget and the plans did not have enough details to give builders a clear example of what to build.

“Pyramid power” can be harnessed for a variety of purposes around the home.


The build team constructed a series of pyramid frames using the precise measurements and dimensions required to “harness” pyramid power. Four tests were performed: keeping razor blades sharp, preventing food from spoiling (one test for milk, another for an apple), and preventing the decay of a flower. The apple test at first seemed to be working, however it was later discovered that a contaminated saw blade (used to halve the apple) may have given one half a higher microbial load than the other. A repeated test using sterile equipment yielded approximately the same decay rate for each half. Strangely, a similar test with ‘cube power’ showed the fruit rotting at a faster rate than the other two tests.

(The MythBusters don’t normally deal with paranormal topics. This myth caused Adam to comment, “No more ‘oogie-boogie’ myths, please.”)