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MythBusters Episode 2: Cell Phone Destruction, Silicone Breasts, CD-ROM Shattering

Premier Date: October 3, 2003

Using one’s cell phone while pumping gas/petrol can cause an explosion.


A properly-working cell phone poses almost no danger of igniting gasoline, even when surrounded by gasoline vapor with the optimum fuel-air mix for ignition. The actual risk comes from an electrostatic discharge between a charged driver and the car, often a result of continually getting into and out of the vehicle.

(This myth was revisited in episode 14 and it was busted again.)

Silicone breast implants may explode at high altitudes or low air pressure.


The implants are extremely flexible.

(A spin-off of this myth involving an inflatable brassiere was tested in episode 14 with the same result.)

CDs can shatter if placed in a high-speed (i.e. 40X or faster) CD-ROM drive.

partly busted

It was proven that a high rotation (in excess of 8,000 RPMs) could shatter the CDs, but the MythBusters could not achieve this using an average CD-ROM drive. Existing physical damage to the CD made shattering more likely.